Thursday, August 9, 2012

Ten Fun Facts about Kailmeyra Series

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Ten Fun Facts about Kailmeyra

#10: The character Edna is actually named after my mom, but her personality and euphemisms are
taken from memories of my grandmother, and her physical features are fashioned after my greatgrandmother.

#9: In the first draft, the beginning was darker and Nora’s home was originally located on Black
Mountain in Kentucky.  However, after driving through the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina I
knew Edna had found a new home. I loved that at dusk the mountains take on a blue hue, which is
symbolic for Nora’s energy. 

#8:  Nora’s hazel eyes are really my daughter Kate’s. I’ve always been able to tell how Kate feels by the
color of her eyes. If she’s feverish, her eyes are bright green, when she’s upset they become darker, and
when she is extremely happy they are the most beautiful amber brown.

#7:  The portal is a lake because biblically water symbolizes purification.  As a literary device, water is
used to symbolize change and is often present in a plot’s turning point. Between the Biblical and literary
symbolism, I couldn’t pass it up.

#6: The Dokkalfar and the Alfar are a part of mythological folklore.  With the obvious symbolism of dark
and light, the Alfar and Dokkalfar seemed a great fit for the story.

#5: The explanation of how the Dokkalfar evolved came from a desire to parallel the ramifications of
what happens when we blindly seek power without looking at long term consequences.

#4: I already have Michael and Edna’s one perfect day in my head, and I plan someday to write a novella
about it.

#3: The jeweled-toned eyes are symbolic of the characters and their personality traits. If you’d like to
read more about them, click here ( )

#2: Rena, Corina in real life, is actually my best friend of some twenty plus years. She is the only true-tolife character in the book. Rena’s looks, mannerisms, feistiness, and, most of all, her ability to bring joy
to the darkest of situations are all because of a spunky gal from Chicago.

#1: When I first started looking at names for the lead male character, I wanted something that was not
only symbolic for the book but symbolic for me as well. The name Gavin was perfect. We learn the
significance of his name in The Secret of the Keepers, so I’ll not give it away. But, personally, Gavin was
the name of my first literary crush.  When I was fifteen, I re-read Celeste De Blasis’ The Proud Breed until
the pages literally fell from their spine.  It’s the only book I’ll never read again. Over the years, I’ve
become afraid that life’s experiences will have tainted the way Gavin Ramsey comes across, and I’d
rather keep my perception of him just the way it is. :-)   


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