Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Playing Catch-up

Yes, I am currently playing catch-up. I had a nice system for a while: read a book, and then immediately write and post a review. However, as of late, I have been REALLY behind in reviews. There are at least 6-7 books that I have not written reviews for yet, and instead of taking the time to write them up, I just keep reading new books. It has become rather vicious cycle, one that I am determined to break. I WILL catch-up and get back to my old system. In fact, I have decided to hold off on reading other books until all the reviews are written! (I am not too sure how well this no-reading thing will work out, but I am really going to try and be resolute!) I will be posting quite a few reviews in the next few days, so be ready! 

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